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To complement our engineering and construction services Status One Designs offers the following land surveying capabilities:

Boundary (Mortgage) Surveys:  We survey lots and parcels for real estate transactions; surveys will show all improvements and encroachments, as required. 
Commercial Surveys:  We survey existing commercial property, primarily for refinancing or sale purposes.

Construction Layout:  We stake and grade buildings, curb and gutter, roads, parking, utilities, etc.
Elevation Certificates/Flood Zone Determination:  We provide the elevation and flood zone certificates required for FEMA insurance.
Engineering/Topographic Surveys:  We survey vacant land or existing sites to provide information on visible utilities, boundaries, and above-ground improvements; surveys may also include previously identified below-ground utilities.
Right-of-Way Surveys/Staking:  We survey and stake right-of-ways and easements for the installation of new utilities.

Plats & Legal Descriptions:   We provide plats for recording and legal descriptions of property surveyed, plus easements.
Subdivision Platting:  We (1) provide surveys, (2) create plats, (3) lay out roads and utilities, and (4) develop sites for individual homes.
Subsurface Utility Surveys:  We provide accurate maps of subsurface utilities for design and connectivity purposes.
Vacant Lot Surveys:  We survey vacant lots to evaluate their desirability as building sites; surveys include spot elevation data and tree locations.

Digital Terrain Modeling: We provide 3D topographical representations, if desired.

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